How quickly to bake eggplants?

How quickly to bake eggplants?
It is very quickly possible to bake eggplants in a microwave if to prepare this dish in an oven, 25 – 30 minutes are required. That in general too a little. I will write both ways of roasting, on a choice.

Necessary products

One large eggplant
100 grams of cheese
100 grams of sheep cheese feta or any unsalted sheep cheese
80 – 100 grams of tomato paste
Salt and black ground pepper
Vegetable oil


If prepare in an oven, it needs to be included and warmed to 200 degrees in advance.
To cut an eggplant circles one and a half thick – two centimeters. To grate cheese on a small grater, in a separate plateau to crumb feta or sheep cheese. To grease each circle of an eggplant with tomato sauce, to roll in from two parties in grated cheese, to lay out in the oiled form in one layer. To salt, pepper, sprinkle with sheep cheese or feta and to sprinkle vegetable oil. To tighten a form a foil, to put in an oven, to bake twenty minutes. To get a form, a foil to remove and redden on the top circle of an oven.

If prepare in a microwave, to do everything in the same way, only the form does not need to be closed a foil. Eggplants at the maximum power of 10 - 12 minutes prepare.
To this dish friable rice is ideally suited.