How to make a chocolate fondue

How to make a chocolate fondue
How to make a chocolate fondue

Spicy aroma of a chocolate fondue, candle, fruit and glass of wine will create the tremendous atmosphere for romantic evening. And that the chocolate dessert developed into something bigger, than simple exposure, it is worth making a few efforts. So, how to prepare a chocolate fondue?

The preparation time of 20 minutes is required to you dark or white chocolate – 200 g, cream of 35% of fat content – 50 ml, butter – 50 g, rum cognac of whisky or brandy - 4 tsps, spices, salt, red pepper, bananas pear pineapples, dried apricots, strawberry, mango, a walnut, etc. The sponsor of placement P&G Articles on the subject "How to Make a Chocolate Fondue" How to prepare medallions How to prepare a fish fondue How to bake pumpkin in an oven



One of the main rules – is better less and better. Choose chocolate of the famous and proved producers. Cocoa substances in a tile has to be more than 70%. The combination of the kindled tile of 99% chocolate to a tile of 72% will be tremendous. Prepare cream, spices (ginger, cinnamon, vanilla, a turmeric, etc.) and butter. Their volume can change depending on desirable result: a fondue with sharp, soft or spiciness. On the choice pick up the best cognac, whisky, rum or brandy for addition in a fondue. Alcohol it too some kind of spice in a chocolate dessert. It has to be very little slightly to feel its exciting note.


Special sets for a fondue look quite effectively, but it is quite possible to do and without them. Producers of some models of deep fryers suggest to use the products and as a fondue pot. It is possible to use the suitable size a glass or metal bowl, bamboo skewers for brochettes or the Chinese sticks at all. Melting of chocolate requires a separate cup and a pan with boiled water. The candle will be effective only as maintenance of a fondue in the warm not stiffening state.


Warm cream on a water bath, add chocolate. Stir mix until it becomes uniform. Throw oil in mix and pour in alcohol, bring to boiling.


To add or not red pepper – to solve to you. This ingredient adds a savor to a ready dish, doing sweet chocolate also burning. Throw a natural pod of vanilla, previously having cut it lengthways on two parts and having cleaned seeds. At will season a fondue with the cinnamon, a nutmeg crushed by a carnation.


The sweet fondue is shaded perfectly by an unsweetened stuffing, such as citrus segments or a walnut. If as a part of a fondue you used bitter chocolate, surely give to it sweet components: raisin, dried apricots, mango. Fruit perfectly will approach any, especially white chocolate: bananas, kiwi, melon, pomelo, apples. The most universal option – strawberry. Chocolate with strawberry – an embodiment of romantic feelings and the promise of pleasant evening.