How to look at busy ports

How to look at busy ports

It is possible to check busy ports in several ways. Periodically it is just necessary to check ports for safety as, working on the Internet, there is an opportunity that through open port to you will transmit viruses or other malicious software.

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The most important point of this perspective is protection of your computer. That initially there was no opportunity to get into an operating system to various viruses, it is necessary to have good system of protection. It is important to consider that protection has to be effective. Often free antiviruses or fayervola of the small size do not cope with such task. Therefore it is desirable to establish himself on the computer an antivirus like Kaspersky Internet Security, and from fayervol Outpost Firewall is rather effective.


It is simplest to check for existence opened and respectively potentially dangerous ports is to make online the test by means of the site http://2ip ((((according to the reference http://2ip .ru/port-scaner). Perhaps, during the analysis potentially dangerous ports which should be closed will be revealed. After end of dough write down separately the ports designated in the red color as they need to be closed. If the ports written in the red color are not present then open ports do not threaten your system.


It is possible to get rid of open and potentially dangerous ports at once (as makeshift) by means of the small utility of Windows Worms Doors Cleaner of not demanding installation (according to the reference When open the application, it is necessary to close ports which were noted in the test by red color. Then to reboot.


Further prevention of an operating system is necessary as in system there was an open port which is perhaps used by harmful programs. The most dangerous function of system which will activate similar applications is so-called "the anonymous user". It is best of all to disconnect it by means of the small utility of AVZ (