How to make the copy of the winchester

How to make the copy of the winchester

Large volume of information or the virus which incidentally got on the computer can become the reason of breakage of the hard drive. Knowing about it, provident PC users just in case create a full backup copy of the winchester to have opportunity at any time to restore all lost data.

It is required to you

- Partition Manager 10 program

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Download and establish the full version of the Partition Manager.10 program on the computer. Start the installed program and in the opened window choose the mode for experienced users. After that the main menu of the program will open. Find the Masters tab there and in the dropped-out menu select the Copying of the Hard Drive item.

Work with "The master of copying of hard drives" is necessary to you. In its window press the Further button. Now choose the hard drive which needs to be copied. Left-click on it and confirm the choice, having pressed the Further button. Before you there will be a window with the name where it will be offered to you to choose the target hard drive. In it note a disk on which will data are copied from the winchester chosen earlier. It surely has to have bigger memory size, than at a source code. Having chosen the necessary winchester, press the Further button.

If you want to make the exact copy, in the following window put a tick opposite to point Direct access to sectors of the hard drive. It will allow the computer to execute copying of each sector of the winchester. Click "Further". Now on the monitor there will be a window of preview of results of copying. In it you will see images and information of the copied and target disks. The last time confirm carrying out procedure, having pressed the Further button. Finish work with the master, having clicked "Is ready".

Having returned to the menu of the program, find the Changes tab and in the dropped-out list click on the Apply Changes point. Confirm installations.

Process of copying is started. Wait for its termination, watching information which is displayed on the computer display. After the end of copying, close information window. The copied disk will appear in the list of sections.