How to prepare cherry pie with filling?

How to prepare cherry pie with filling?
Ready pie simply amazingly looks. You will not try to prepare yet, it is not believed that everything is so simple, but with such result. Pie all-weather, equally is suitable for it both fresh cherry, and tinned, for winter time me it seemed to the very successful.

Ingredients: on 150 grams of margarine and sugar, three eggs, 150 grams of a flour, a bag of vanilla sugar, a baking powder teaspoon, a half of a jar of cherry in own juice. I have jars on 700 grams, I spread more than a half, somewhere 2/3 banks. And if cherry tinned, in advance I get from banks and I shift in a colander, let excess juice flow down.
For filling: 120 ml. cream, one egg, 50 grams of sugar.

In advance to get margarine from the refrigerator or to warm up it in a microwave that became soft. It is not necessary to kindle. The mixer to shake up it with sugar, to pour vanilla sugar, to put eggs and it is once again good to shake up. To add the sifted flour, a baking powder, to stir dough. It is possible the mixer at a small speed.
To oil vegetable a form, to pour out dough. To lay out from above cherry, to put pie in the oven warmed to 180 degrees approximately for half an hour.
For filling to shake up egg, cream and sugar.
In half an hour to get ready pie, to pour out on it filling and again to send to an oven. To bake on average fire of 10 - 15 minutes. Filling does pie very juicy, appetizing and fragrant.