How to congratulate the friend with dnm the births

How to congratulate the friend with dnm the births

Celebration of Birthday – the tradition which developed for centuries. Long since people this day congratulate the birthday man. And we annually should reflect as it is beautiful and original to congratulate the hero of the occasion. And if the hero of the anniversary your close friend, it is necessary to treat a congratulation on special attention.

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In general the congratulation is the key moment of any holiday without exception. Congratulations do Birthday joyful and cheerful. After all the general atmosphere of a holiday, its warmth and warm-heartedness depends on mood of the people surrounding the birthday man.


Therefore the main thing, is correct to make a congratulation, competently and originally to make it. Remember that any congratulation including happy birthday, consists of three parts. In the first part, a greeting, you need to address to the birthday man with warm, tender and gentle words ("Dear friend", "Our dear birthday man").


Do not forget to specify an occasion because of which everything is started. It will be congratulatory part. It usually begins with the words "We Hurry to Congratulate …", "I Congratulate …".


The third part of a congratulation – a wish. Here you will be able to show all all imagination of the imagination. The main thing, wishes have to be sincere, kind, cheerful, it is possible with comic accent. Here everything depends on proximity of your relations and the sense of humour congratulated. Will not prevent in speeches and emotionality. The lovely and amusing congratulation will be pleasant to any person.


It is good if you are able to connect the speech of a congratulation on the gift handed to the birthday man. So you should not puzzle over how to present it. In this case time of a congratulation will be the most right moment.


It is considered that the best time for pronouncing the speech – the beginning of a holiday. If you prepared a congratulation on a philosophical note, it will be clear to both the birthday man, and the present guests. And if your words are simple and sincere, it is better to congratulate the birthday man in the middle of a feast when most of attendees is "under hmelky".