How to organize an exhibition

How to organize an exhibition

To organize an exhibition, it is necessary to go a long way. At first it is necessary to decide that you want to connect the life with art. Then to choose the direction with which you want to be engaged, get an education in this area and to find work in that museum which specializes in this type of arts. And then to organize own exhibition.

It is required to you

Art education
Love to art

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The first step for the organization of an exhibition – to define its subject. There can be it an exposition of one artist or trends in the modern art. Begin with idea.


Choose date for the organization of an exhibition. Be convinced that these days it is not held any similar events.


For the organization of an exhibition try to find additional financing is there can be companies and private investors. Big exhibitions, as a rule, cost much, but they offer huge opportunities for increase in prestige of the organization which sponsors action.


When it is about the organization of an insert, you should create promo-materials – brochures and catalogs. Plan contents of the catalog and try to find art experts who will write for it texts. Approve design of all materials devoted to your exhibition – the catalog, banners, cards, calendars, etc.


Create exhibition space. Possibly to be necessary for you the help of experts to establish art installations or to arrange especially big pictures. Organize space so that it was convenient to visitors to move on it and that all exhibits were available to a review.


Create plates with information to all works. The full explanatory text includes not only the name, but also answers the general questions which arise at the audience. So visitors of an exhibition will be able to understand the presented more deeply.


Plan the program of an exhibition and write the press release about action. Dispatch it in the art press and magazines for tourists. It is possible that the exhibition will be wanted to be visited not only residents of your city.


Hold event in honor of opening of an exhibition and observe as an increasing number of people, like ideas of art, thanks to you and the exhibition organized by you.