What scandal happened between Timati and Kirkorov

What scandal happened between Timati and Kirkorov

Philip Kirkorov and Timati's quarrel is actively discussed in mass media today. Many observers are sure that closing of an annual Muz TV award ceremony is connected with this scandal.

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On June 5, 2012 there was a large scandal between Philip Kirkorov and Timati. The popular rap performer in the Twitter showed discontent with the sounded results. Allegedly awards between actors were distributed incorrectly. The king of a platform could not remain indifferent and said in strong language the opinion. He was so indignant that in quarrel obscene expressions flashed more than once. He could not agree in any way that it got plates unfairly. In worldwide network laid out a full screenshot of correspondence of two stars of the Russian show business.

The other day in mass media there was information that Philip Kirkorov will file a lawsuit against Timati. The singer's lawyer Alexander Dobrovinsky disproved these statements. He reported that the singer did not address to it yet.

On Muz-TV TV channel special release of a talk-show with the leader Vyacheslav Manucharov in whom the come stars shared on two camps came out several days later after carrying out the award "Muz TV". Close friends explained the rapper's position. Timati very much was surprised that Philip Kirkorov received at once three plates: the nominations "The Best Performer of Decade", "The Best Video", "The Best Concert Show", and to it here absolutely got nothing.

Evil tongues began to be whispered at once that results were fabricated not only in 2012. Allegedly Yana Rudkovskaya employed in due time the whole team which voted for Dima Bilan.

It seems that all only benefited from this scandal. Journalists of a yellow press found the next subject of article, and responsible was once again advertized.

It should be notedIt should be noted that Timati and Kirkorov's scandal not only which accompanied the tenth anniversary award "Muz TV". Some days before action organizers for the political reasons refused services of Ksenia Sobchak who had to be a leader.