How to treat the pinworm at children

How to treat the pinworm at children

Helminths – helminths, at hit in a human body they start eating at the expense of "owner". One of the most widespread diseases at children caused by helminths pinworms - enterobioz. Generally it children of preschool and school age are ill. How to cure enterobioz (or the pinworm) at the child?

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Remember that infection with pinworms occurs at contact with the polluted subjects and surfaces: street footwear, toys, a floor, public places at school; on the street: sandbox, earth, contacts with animals. From the child to the child through dirty hands it is also easy to catch pinworms.


Pay attention to symptoms of an enterobioz. Main from them: an itch in a crotch and back pass. Because of it at the child the sleep, appetite is interrupted, the kid becomes whimsical. Other symptoms: fluidifying of a chair (not necessarily) and cough (larvae of pinworms can sometimes get to airways).


Treat the child to the expert, pass inspection and make the test on enterobioz if you had suspicions that the child is sick.


Treat pinworms only if inspection really showed existence of parasites in the analysis. You should not give medicines from helminths, being based only on suspicions or existence of any symptom. All antivermicular preparations are toxic in a varying degree.


Use the antigelmintny preparations appointed by the doctor for treatment. The most effective preparations for treatment of an enterobioz at children are: "Pirantel", "Mebendazol", "Vermoks".


Give to the child medicines, strictly observing the instruction if the doctor does not appoint other scheme of treatment. After all for each age group – the dosage. As a rule, for treatment of an enterobioz pirantet count so: on 1 kg of body weight of the child – pirantet 10-12 mg once. "Вермокс" and "Mebendazol" appoint to children at the age of 2-10 years on 25–50 mg once. To children 10 years – on 100 mg once are more senior.

Give medicine to the child after food.


Surely carry out a repeated course of treatment in 2 weeks. The purpose of such course – the prevention of development of repeated infection at the time of the first reception of a preparation.


Restore to the child intestinal microflora after the carried-out treatment. There are special biological products containing bacteria, for example: "Bifidumbakterin" or "Lineks".


Conduct control examination of the child on enterobioz. Of course, modern medicines for treatment of helminthic invasions are effective, but sometimes enterobioz proceeds rather persistently and there is a need to carry out additional control analyses.