How to store the car in the winter

How to store the car in the winter

The winter is, certainly, not the easiest period for the car. Most of motorists know that operation of the car during the winter period is undesirable. If you are not going to drive the car in the winter, do not hurry to relax, after all to prepare it for wintering, it is necessary to strive a little.

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First of all, it is necessary to choose a parking lot. Try to find an equal place on which there will be no pools. If you plan to put the car on the paid parking, take care of that it was well visible to watchmen. If the car stands in garage, it is necessary to provide good ventilation of the room.

Further it is necessary to wash up and dry up a body and the bottom of the car well. Watch that from the car all dirt was completely removed. After that process a body anticorrosive means, especially in places where the rust is already noticeable. Do not forget about the most weak spots – thresholds, internal surfaces of doors, internal beams and longerons.

Grease all details working in some mechanism (a loop of a luggage carrier, a cowl, doors, etc.)

Fill in a full tank of gasoline is will help to protect an internal surface of a tank from condensate and corrosion.

Put the car on supports. It will promote unloading of springs, tires and springs of a suspension bracket. Let out part of the air from tires to lower pressure in them.

If in the car there is no conditioner, the accumulator is recommended to be removed and stored on a balcony, periodically checking its charging and if something happens – to recharge. If the conditioner is available, the accumulator does not need to be removed. It is required to check operation of the conditioner only periodically.