How to eliminate a connection error

How to eliminate a connection error

It is possible to eliminate a connection error in several ways. As a rule, such mistake arises because of technical works, lag of the server. Therefore the problem is solved by usual "reset" of connection. But everything is sometimes more serious and for a solution it is necessary to contact technical support of your provider.

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It is necessary to come to the address: A network environment – to Display network connections – Connection and two times to left-click mice on "connection", then to press the support tab and there to click "to correct" then to wait. Then it is possible to return on the general tab and to choose "to disconnect", and then again to be connected. It is also possible to reboot.


Often "reset" of the DSN client helps to solve a similar problem. That it is necessary to make it for a start to be switched-off from a network and the Internet, and then to pass to the address: Start-up – the Control panel – Administration – Services. There find the DNS client, then press on him the right button of a mouse and choose "to restart". Then check the Internet connection.


Perhaps, connection blocks any appendix or even a virus. In that case dumping of setting up the protocol of the Internet (TCP/IP) helps. Before dumping settings, it is also necessary to disconnect network and the Internet connection. It is necessary to do dumping so: – to Execute start-up – cmd. Then to press OK and to enter netsh int ip reset. Then it is necessary to reboot. If this way helps to solve a problem repeatedly, it is necessary to establish fayervol at least with standard installation as, it is obvious that to connection stirs or the ordinary appendix, or even a virus therefore will not prevent to check system for existence of malicious software.


When anything from above-mentioned ways does not help, it is best of all to call in technical support of your provider (ordinary phone is specified in the contract or advertizing) and to explain all problem. Also it is necessary to tell that you did before calling. It is quite possible that they need to adjust something especially for you that there were no connection errors.