How to register Asya free of charge

How to register Asya free of charge

If you are not registrated as the user the ICQ applications yet, be registered free of charge having visited the official site. Do not forget that the acquired number ICQ after breaking of the password or its loss will not be subject to restoration any more and it will be lost together with all contacts added by you.

It is required to you

- Internet;
- electronic mailbox.

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Start your Internet the browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera, Google Chrome or Avant). Visit the main page of the official site of ICQ, having gathered for this purpose in an address line of the browser. In the top right part of the loaded page find the reference "registration in ICQ" and press it. Previously choose language convenient to you from 10 offered languages.


Be registered. Having entered your name, a surname, an e-mail address, the password and its confirmation, date of birth and a floor into the corresponding fields. Enter so-called protection against robots in the last line – a code from the picture located to the right of a line. Previously read terms of service with which you agree after press the registration button. If all points of the agreement suit you - continue registration, having pressed the button.


Come on the mailbox specified at registration. In the letter received from a support service (ICQ Support) click on the link in a type of the offer suggesting to finish registration or copy the address of the exile to a clipboard and insert it into an address line of yours the browser Internet, having activated pressing of the enter button. This action you finish registration process. In the emerged window of the browser read confirmation on success of registration of the new user. Is you did not install the application yet, download it at the link specified in the emerged window and install on the computer or the mobile phone. Start icq and enter your login and the password for an entrance.


At registration it is better to specify the present data. So, if you forget the password and will not be able to restore it by means of mail specified at registration, your personality can be confirmed, having sent to service of technical support the letter with the scanned pages of the passport attached to it on which the data entered at registration are displayed.