How to receive the target direction

How to receive the target direction

The target set was extremely popular at the time of the Soviet Union. The enterprises could do the order for experts, and the problem of employment of youth was solved by itself. In recent years an increasing number of entrants also began to think of receiving the target direction. Usually competition among contract specialists is not so high and terms of the contract can be not such strict, often from the potential employer it is possible even to pay off.

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If you in mind have no firm which is ready to sign the contract, it is necessary to address to the principal. He can make to you the necessary recommendations, and also will send the demand to municipality where all offers of firms employers are flown down.
Otherwise it is possible to reduce this chain and independently to agree with the necessary enterprise.


After that you will be invited most likely to conversation for signing of the contract. Attentively examine terms of the contract. If you are not 18 years old, when signing the agreement there have to be parents or trustees.


The contract has to be surely signed by both parties and is fixed by the press of firm. Besides, it is necessary to specify higher education institution, faculty and specialty to which the entrant goes in the agreement.