About what Hervé Bazen Radi's novel of the son?

About what Hervé Bazen Radi's novel of the son?
The novel "For the sake of the Son" belonging to a feather of the French writer Hervé Bazen – the book about life, real, with all her pleasures and adversities, with reflections about the past and the future and about love to the son.
Action is developed in the small town where the school teacher, the widower Daniel Asten conducts the quiet, inconspicuous life. With education of three his children – the senior twins Michel and Louise and younger Bruno it is helped by the sister of the lost wife whom her mother in every way tries to marry to Daniel.

It would seem that can be interesting in this history? However from the first pages of the novel of the reader takes life of this family and when it becomes clear that the nonnative son who was born when Daniel stayed Bruno in captivity, with each page the reader like feeling of deep respect for this person.
At first Daniel moves call of duty which develops into the most gentle love in the younger child. For this feeling Daniel sacrifices the long love to the colleague Mari, for the sake of it he eventually marries Laura.
Closer having got acquainted with heroes of the book many readers recognize in them themselves and perhaps to someone she will help to make a right choice with life.