How to tell about itself to the girl

How to tell about itself to the girl

At the very beginning of acquaintance between people it is necessary to tell each other necessary information. To tell about itself, about the hobbies, progress and difficulties. To some young people the answer to quite simple question can be difficult: tell about yourself. Everything takes off for this moment from the head that you know about yourself. Therefore it is necessary to concentrate and remember that will be interesting to the interlocutor.

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For a start it is necessary to calm down, get it together if you gave in to a small panic. Now it is necessary to remember everything that it is possible to tell about himself. If it is impossible quickly, it is possible to take conversation a little aside from the statements and to razgovorit the girl. But you should not ask this question to it. It is simple to ask, and that she can tell about you for such interval of your acquaintance. Thus, you will win small time.


First of all, tell about yourself as it is possible more objectively. It is not necessary boasting and exaggerations. It is better even to diminish the achievements and abilities a few. When you have to show them in practice, you will make bigger impression.


Now actually what to speak. For a start tell the girl about where you study as you study, why. Conversation on study, is the most widespread therefore begin with it. Tell about the hobbies connected with educational process.


After that start the story about the vital ambitions and hobby. Can devote it in a detail of the hobbies, but be not fanatical, differently she will start missing. If you play sports, surely tell about it, but do not embellish an event. Speak about all interests of the life. As soon as begin, all necessary will come to you mind. The main thing be not afraid and do not test shyness. Watch closely behavior of the girl that she did not miss.


In the last turn tell about the views of the world, about life philosophy from your point of view. Here you should not tell and approve a lot of things, differently there can be a polemic. Remember that each person has the opinion and will defend it.