How to begin a public statement

How to begin a public statement

In most cases people watchfully treat the acting. To them it is unclear for what it is necessary to spend time for you and your message. Really to interest audience, a little interesting material, it is necessary also to be able correctly to begin the speech. And it cannot be made without high-quality preparation.

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Carefully study a subject of the performance. Take four sheets of paper and entitle them: "What it is necessary to tell surely?", "That would be still useful to tell?", "What it is possible to mention casually?", "What it is necessary to hold back?". Attach all thoughts coming to mind concerning the forthcoming speech in one of categories. It will help you to structure all contents and to choose the most interesting facts for the introduction.

Define the purposes and tasks. Accurately answer yourself questions: "What do I want to receive as a result of performance?", "How to understand, what the objectives are achieved?", "As quickly the objectives have to be achieved?".

Study audience. It is impossible to achieve success, without understanding who sits in a hall and listens to your speech. The less audience, the more stoutly there have to be data on her. Important everything: structure, competence, interests and requirements, the attitude towards you, questions which can set.

Prepare evident materials and equipment by means of which you will show all this. Do not regret time, check all sockets, extenders and compatibility of various devices. There is nothing more destructive for successful performance, than hassle right at the beginning.

Prepare a performance place, take care of clear drinking water. In advance think over the shape. Be guided by audience, you have to cause trust and feeling of "the person", without a word.

The tie is very important. It has to be such that listeners wanted to stay by all means until the end of your performance.

Greet audience, remind who you are, why and why face them. At once report, for what time you intend to occupy attention of public. It will allow the audience to relax.

To capture attention, there are some ways. Joke in compliance with the moment, and prepare a joke in advance. Any impromptus.

Surprise. For this purpose give the paradoxical fact in the beginning of the speech and explain how it corresponds to a subject of your performance.

Frighten. Describe a situation and a problem which threaten mankind, and then easy report how it is possible to save the world by means of a product about which you are going to tell.

11 Force to think. Set a hall some questions, ask to answer them and write down these questions on a board. Then start answers to questions independently. During the speech several times compare the performance to opinion of people from the hall.

12 be not afraid of excitement. Before performance nervous trembling is felt even by professional actors. But they are able to cope with it.

13 Appease trembling of hands, strongly squeezing big and index fingers on both hands serially.

14 If the fear of performance reaches a panic state, try twenty five times to grab the nose, alternating the right and left hand. The effect is guaranteed for the next 25-30 minutes. Of course, make it behind the scenes.