How to regulate brightness on the laptop

How to regulate brightness on the laptop

Depending on setting up the image, whether it be the movie, the picture or simply a desktop, changes not only convenience, but also rationality of use of the laptop to the different purposes. By and large, use of any equipment, and especially computer, half consists of self-training. And on the second half – from ability to be arranged under the concrete interface. Therefore fans of mobile life should regulate often brightness on the laptop depending on illumination of a surrounding situation.

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Any computer allows to regulate settings of a conclusion of the image. The simplest option of change of quality of the picture – to use possibilities of the videocard. To regulate brightness on the laptop, come via the control panel into display parameters. Having pressed In the addition button, open expanded settings of the monitor. Pass to a tab with the name of the installed videocard. Further actions will differ depending on your equipment, but in the most general case sequence – following:
1. On a tab of settings of the videocard find adjustment of graphic characteristics;
2. Find parameters of color settings or similar to them;
3. Establish brightness at the necessary level and press the Apply button then close all settings windows.


One of features allowing to regulate brightness on the laptop is use of different schemes and parameters of the modes of electricity consumption. Come via the control panel into the section "Power supply". You will see the list of consumption plans and the button of settings, the parameters of these modes allowing to change. Having come into setting up each consumption plan, expose the necessary brightness of the screen at food from a network and from the accumulator. Press "To keep changes".


At last, the easiest way to regulate brightness on the laptop – to use specially provided hotkeys. As a rule, for this purpose it is necessary to press the fn key and a strelochka up, or other button on which brightness symbol is represented.