How to establish horizontal blinds

How to establish horizontal blinds

Even more often for registration of window openings of dwellings and offices we use blinds. They are easy-to-use, do not demand special leaving, are durable. Blinds create indoors the atmosphere of a cosiness and comfort, protect from inquisitive glances. Such type of registration will emphasize the style solution of an interior, besides will not pass hot sunshine to the room, will protect a furniture upholstery from the sun, and even will help to save the electric power.

It is required to you

pencil, roulette, construction level, drill, expansion bolt shield, screws.

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By the form blinds happen vertical and horizontal. On a way of fastening of blinds can fasten in window or a doorway or from above.


Accurately unpack blinds, check completeness of packing, untwist a rope of management.


Try on blinds on an installation site. Plan an opening pencil under fastenings of arms. Track that arms were not established in places of the mechanism of blinds.


Check horizontal position of blinds construction level. Drill within the walls of an opening under arms. Insert the expansion bolt shield. Strengthen arms on a wall by means of screws.


Insert the top eaves into arms. Turn all latches on eaves to the left against the stop.


Insert a rod of management into a hook of the rotary mechanism.
Check operability of blinds by their opening and closing.


The mechanism of management of horizontal blinds also happens and to a cable. Installation of such blinds differs in that before installation of eaves it is necessary to assemble the hummock adaptation from two parties of eaves. For this purpose it is necessary to fix a cable on the plug and to pass the free end of a cable through springs, openings in the top eaves, a collected cloth and the lower eaves. Then the eaves are inserted into arms and turn all plugs to the left against the stop.