How to decorate salad a mimosa

How to decorate salad a mimosa

Under the name "Mimosa" gentle multilayered fish salad which each hostess prepares according to own recipe disappears. Not to find two absolutely identical "mimosas", but all of them have something the general – an even golden top layer from egg yolks or cheese on which any edible ornament asks. There are many options of a decor of "Mimosa".

It is required to you

- garden radish;
- onions (feather and napiform);
- greens (fennel, parsley, sheet salad);
- olives;
- mayonnaise;
- tomato;
- boiled egg;
- turmeric;
- mokrov.

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Option first

By means of a sharp thin knife cut "tulips" from a garden radish and spread out them on the top yellow layer of salad. Add composition with parsley branches. Simply and effectively.


Option second

Use onions greens. Divide each onions feather into thin ribbons. Lay these ribbons on salad surfaces in the form of a lattice. In cells of a lattice it is possible to place black olives.


Option third

Use for decoration of salad not only yolks, but also proteins. Fill up the top layer on perimeter with grated proteins, and in the middle lay out a circle from grated yolks. It is possible to put some circles of boiled carrots in the core of a "yolk" circle.


Option fourth

Decorate salad, having turned it into a small fish. For this purpose collect "Mimosa" on a big flat dish, and give to salad the form of a convex hemisphere. Instead of "scales" use a prolukolets of onions, instead of gills – a strip of small cut fennel greens. As an eye of "small fish" let the black butterdish, and a tail – some feathers of green onions will serve.


Option fifth

Decorate salad with several types of greens – parsley, fennel, sheet salad and others. From flexible magnificent branches it is possible to create any composition.


Option sixth

Represent a spring mimosa on a salad surface. Instead of branches use long stalks of fennel, instead of flowers – a polished egg yolk. That fluffy balls turned out – drip on composition a mayonnaise drop (it can be made a usual syringe) and accurately powder it with yolk flakes.

By the way, instead of fennel it is possible to use any other greens (parsley, onions), and for the image of fluffy balls it is easy to prepare drawing weight from mix of a turmeric and mayonnaise. This weight is applied on a salad surface by means of a usual confectionery syringe with a thin smooth nozzle. Whether it is necessary to say, what weight from a turmeric and a syringe it is possible to draw any pictures on a surface of "Mimosa"?


Option seventh

Your own. What will it be? Perhaps, "Mimosa" in a bast basket from lettuce leaves? Or something else? Be not afraid to dream, and then your "Mimosa" will become exclusive, unlike on any another.