How to determine the size of trousers

How to determine the size of trousers

Quite often, coming to shop, people cannot pick up the things suitable themselves at once. If you want that purchase of clothes took less time, it is necessary to know the size precisely. Whether you know how to determine the size of trousers, without resorting to the help of consultants?

It is required to you

- centimetric tape;
- trousers

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Take trousers in which you feel most conveniently. Stretch them in a waist and measure in centimeter distance between hands. Increase the received volume in centimeters twice. At you the approximate grasp of a waist will turn out. To transfer it to inches, divide a waist grasp on 2,54. The received figure is also the size of your favourite trousers.


If you have no "model" trousers, and the desire to try on all sizes of jeans in shop is absent, take centimeter and make some measurements. At first measure a waist grasp. Watch that the centimeter did not pull together skin and at the same time did not dangle. Divide the received figure on 2,54. At you the size which is written near a letter W turned out. It means waist (in translation from English – a belt).


The second figure which interests you, settles down on marking near a letter L that means "lenght" and indicates length of an internal seam. This distance from a groin to a floor. Transfer the Russian centimeters to inches, namely indicators for trousers also are measured in them. For this purpose, as it was already told, divide the turned-out centimeters on 2,54.


Sometimes at the indication of the size of trousers Rise can meet such parameters as and Leg Opening that means height of a belt and diameter of a trouser-leg at a floor respectively. They also as well as other trousers are measured in inches. Height of a belt calculates as average between distances from a groin to a belt in front and behind.


Sometimes on trousers it is possible to meet the international size which is defined in letters from XS to XL (nXL). In that case do not transfer centimeters to inches, and take into account a half of a grasp of a waist or hips (depending on landing of trousers) and correlate to a letter.


At all measurements do not pull strongly centimetric tape that the removed indicators were close to the real.