How to win against apathy

How to win against apathy

In our city there came the fall. The sun appears less frequently. The question how to win against apathy, becomes more and more actual. But we will not lower a hand - there is a number of ways for a mood raising.

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So, most likely, your day begins with an alarm clock sound. The irritating squeaky melody since the morning spoils to you mood. Why not to change it for the favourite song? Then you will wake up with a smile upon the face. The breakfast too has huge value, therefore try to diversify it. Include fresh juice in a diet, take care of that in your refrigerator always there was something tasty. It is scientifically proved that chocolate, bananas and ice cream promote a mood raising. Why not to have breakfast chocolate ice cream?


Do not forget to please yourself. Each of us has hobbies, whether it be communication with friends or reading the book. Find a couple of minutes among day vanity for yourself, and your mood will improve. Visit library or have dinner in fashionable cafe instead of office dining room.


All know that shopping perfectly lightens mood. Indulge yourself, you it deserved. Fill up clothes with pair of new dresses, it is desirable bright tones. Pick up a new handbag or beautiful underwear. After all how we feel, plays huge role.


Sport – excellent means for a mood raising. Support yourself in a tone. If to carry out elementary exercises within at least twenty minutes in day, you will cease to feel drowsiness and a headache.


Paint the life. The important place should be taken away not only itself, but also that surrounds you. Move furniture in your room, add bright tones, hang out on walls of the photo of people dear to you or the pleasure moments imprinted on films.


It is very important to each person to notice the results. Get a small notebook with the list of affairs. Every time when you make something, put a plus opposite to record. By a weekend you will be able to admire to how much you were in time.


It is also important to remember that there is a huge number of positive music and movies. Stock up with a collection of remarkable comedies, after all it is so important to smile at least once in day.


Drive away bad mood and sad thoughts! Smile and rejoice to each new day. Life – remarkable piece.