How to restore number on a sim card

How to restore number on a sim card

At loss or theft of phone it is necessary to leave not only it, but also the SIM card. It is clear that the telephone directory if you did not make its backup copy after that not to return. And here not to lose number, and even money not to the account, quite perhaps. For this purpose one call suffices.

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As soon as possible call in a support service of the operator from any other phone. The earlier you will make it, the probability is less that thieves will manage to spend funds from the account of the SIM card. It is especially important to hurry in case at you the postoplatny tariff or phone is lost abroad as the persons which took control of the device can enter you into a considerable debt. Though in roaming the call to a support service is very expensive, expenses all the same can be repeatedly lower than the losses prevented thus.

Numbers of support services of clients at the main Russian operators the following:
MTS - 0890, 8 800 333 0890;
Beeline - 0611, (495) 974-8888;
The megaphone - 0500, 8 800 33 0500;
Sky Link - 000, (495) 973–73–73.


Calls on short numbers can be made only in a network of the corresponding operator and are free at stay in the house region. It is possible to call on number in a code 800 free of charge from any wire or cell phone in any city of the Russian Federation. The call on number in a code 495 is rated similar to a call on any city number in Moscow. In roaming it is necessary to pay for conversation in all three cases.


If you call from the landline phone, transfer it to a tone mode. Following helps of the automatic informant, press keys, do not come to the mode of connection with the consultant yet. Wait for its answer and report that your phone is stolen or lost, and that you want to block the SIM card. Dictate to it number and the passport data. Having received this information, the consultant will block the card and will tell you, at what office to receive the new. Its delivery is usually made free of charge.


If you are in roaming, do not hurry to buy ahead of schedule the return ticket to receive the new SIM card in the hometown. She will wait for you at office so much, how many it will be required.


Having received the new card and having convinced that it works in new phone, find houses packing from the stolen device if it remained. On it serial number of the device - so-called IMEI is specified. Address to militia, having reported phone model, its number, and also number IMEI in the presence at you that. Surely tell that you restored the SIM card, and that old does not work any more. Probability of that will find phone, is rather small, but it is and therefore you should not neglect such opportunity.