How to issue the control

How to issue the control

Examination is the main way of examination of the student or school student. It treats individual tasks and represents an independent type of written work.

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Performance of examination means work with various sources of information: standard and legal base, scientific publications, manuals. Process of performance of examination is means of self-organization, forms a basis of assimilation of a training material.


Rules of registration of examination usually do not differ in this or that educational institution. Usually it consists of several parts: the title page, the contents (table of contents), introduction, the main part, the conclusion (conclusions), the list of the used literature and the appendix.


The title page is the first leaf of examination. On it the name of discipline, number of option, the name of faculty and specialty, a surname, a name, the student's middle name, date of performance is, as a rule, specified.


Headings of sections, subsections, columns or paragraphs and pages corresponding to them are specified in the section "Contents".


In introduction relevance of a subject, purpose and problem of performance of work, methods of research and object is considered.


The main part of examination contains some sections. In them the work subject from various aspects and the points of view is considered. The text of the control is illustrated by schedules, drawings, tables. References according to "The list of the used literature" are made to the used sources.


Examination comes to the end with the conclusions following from the conducted research. At the end of work date and the signature of the author is put.


The volume of ready work has to make 10-15 sheets of the typewritten text on sheets A4 through 1,5 line spacings. On pages it is necessary to leave fields for marks checking, and pages need to be numbered. The title page thus is not numbered, it is necessary to begin numbering at sight "Contents".