How quickly to be prepared for Unified State Examination

How quickly to be prepared for Unified State Examination

Every year among the school students passing the Unified State Examination there are those who receives an unsatisfactory assessment. It occurs not only because of not enough high standard of knowledge, but also because of the mistakes made when filling forms. Not to be plucked, it is necessary to be prepared for it carefully.

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Attentively study instructions on filling of forms. It is best of all to receive them at teachers and at the same time to specify all unclear moments. However if the teacher cannot give you the necessary instructions, it is possible to find independently them on the federal or regional sites devoted to education.

Unpack a sample of the form and try to fill it. Do it until cease to make mistakes and blots. It is very important, after all quite often school students incidentally spoil forms at examination or more time find them registration, than the solution of tasks.

Make a detailed plan, considering number of days which remained before examination. Divide all material which you need to learn or repeat into approximately equal parts. Follow the plan even if it will be hard. Distribute the working day so that not too to get tired and thus all to be in time. For example, it is possible to devote 30-40 minutes to the solution of tasks, and then 15 minutes to have a rest and again to get to work.

Whenever possible try to fix the learned material. Every day give at least 20-30 minutes on repetition of that learned yesterday. Also it is recommended to look through before Unified State Examination 1-2 days all material to refresh it in memory, and then to devote days to rest and psychological preparation for the forthcoming examination.

Consider features of material which you need to know. For example, if Unified State Examination on stories is necessary to you, it is worth writing out the necessary dates and events on sheets of paper and to hang out them in kitchen, in a corridor, in the room. Make it at the very beginning of preparation, and in some days will be able to remember better historical events, and in a week - two will firmly know them. It is also possible to learn formulas, irregular verbs, etc.

Learn to concentrate on the solution of tests and to work quietly. At repetition of material imagine that you already at examination. Do not distract, do not worry, try to calm down, reject the fears and thoughts of receiving a low mark. When material is repeated, try to fill a sample of the form and to solve all test tasks, considering that amount of time which will be given you at examination.