How to stretch foot

How to stretch foot

Foot – part of musculoskeletal system which experiences the maximum strain in vertical position of a body. Feet demand to themselves due consideration and physical development. Their strengthening exercises and an extension will help to support health of ankle joints to you.

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Sit down on a floor, deliver to a palm behind the back, extend feet before yourself. Pull socks from yourself, hold the provision of feet of 10 - 15 seconds. Then direct socks on yourself, be late on the same period. Repeat exercise of 10 - 20 times.


Turn both feet, having directed socks to the right, then change the direction. Do exercise 1 minute. Finish its rotation of feet around to the right, then to the left. Relax feet for 20 – 30 seconds.


Straighten the right foot before yourself, put the left foot on the right hip. Hold the right hand foot of the left foot, and the left palm press on the knee of the same name. Gradually drag out raising of foot. Hold situation 1 – 1,5 minutes. Trade feet places and execute an extension on the right foot.


Lay down on a stomach, put a chin on a floor. With an exhalation bend the right foot in a knee, the palm of the same name press on external part of foot and pull a heel to a floor. Carry out exercise 1 minute. On a breath lower the right foot on a floor and repeat exercise on the left foot. Then with an exhalation bend both feet in knees, take fingers of hands outer sides of feet, pull heels to buttocks. Hold a position within 2 minutes. On a breath release feet on a floor and relax.


Sit down, bend feet in knees, hold a back directly. Put the right foot on outer side of a hip, having arranged a heel is closer to a groin. Put a shin of the left foot on the right shin, having sent outer side of foot to a floor. With an exhalation lower an upper body to a floor forward, making thereby impact on the left foot. Carry out exercise 1 minute. On a breath lift the case, trade feet places and repeat an inclination.


Sitting on a floor, extend feet before yourself. Bend the right foot in a knee, outer side put foot on the left hip as it is possible closer to a knee. Bend the left foot in a knee and start tightening gradually a heel to a buttock. Carry out exercise 1 minute. Trade feet places.