How to look at history of the statuses

How to look at history of the statuses

On social networks, for example, on the site of VKontakte, people often write themselves the interesting statuses, designating the opinion, mood, vision. To look at history of the statuses of the user necessary to you, use special the secrets offered below.

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If the person on a page of VKontakte has this or that status, under it most often there is an inscription, for example, "Is updated 4 hours ago". To look at what statuses were placed on a page earlier, simply click on an inscription with a mouse, and to you the list of all last statuses will open.


To look at history of the statuses in case status at the person it is at the moment not established absolutely (the inscription about updatings of the status is also not available), at first learn id of an account necessary for you.


For this purpose visit "Search" a page (it settles down in the top menu). Enter a name and a surname of the person or his nickname into a field. It is also possible to look in groups and communities if you for certain know that the required person in them consists.


After you found the necessary person, click with the right button of a mouse on an inscription "To add as a friend", come in the appeared window containing the reference come into properties. The reference will look approximately here so: In this case "01234556" also there is the user's id.


Allocate id-number and copy it. Now to look at history of the statuses, simply insert into the reference http://vkontakte .ru/profile.php?id=XXXXXXX&activityhistory=1 id of the person which you already learned in advance, that is implant him instead of XXXXXXX (one figures, the letters "id" it is not necessary to insert).


Insert exile to a line of your browser, now you have opportunity to watch the list of the last statuses of the user necessary to you.