That is necessary for the one-year-old child

That is necessary for the one-year-old child

Here also one year was executed to the kid, during this time it turned from the shy guest into the full owner of your life, everything rotates round his interests now. What have to be occupations, games with the child, what for dishes it is necessary to prepare and what toys to buy to him?

The sponsor of placement P&G Articles on the subject "That Is Necessary for the One-year-old Child" Kak to be engaged with the child of 6 months Kak to prepare an omelet for the one-year-old child Kak to make New Year's cards with children After the child was one year old, do not give it such toys with which, having sorted them, it is possible to be wounded or choke. At this age it is desirable to offer toys to the child on one to concentrate his attention and when interest passes, it is necessary to hide the previous toy and to give the following. They should not be difficult, but are urged to give work to hands and to induce to curiosity of the kid.

Loud and bright electronic "brenchalka" - not the most suitable option, they will bore and will break for some days, and various lacings, "zastegivalka", puzzles for training in the different sizes, forms and flowers, to letters or figures will be very opportunely and will remain not one year.

Games for the child of one year are inseparable from training therefore they have to have the developing character. Certainly, it is impossible to forget about outdoor games. They should not be reduced only to "game of tag", but also develop concrete abilities: games with balls of the different sizes, jumps with small obstacles, imitation the movements of different animals are useful.

Consider that the long motionless pose of the kid at this age strengthens psychological fatigue and in case the child restless, it is necessary to change loading type in time. Alternate exercises on a small motility of hands, on strengthening of skeletal muscles, on development of memory and thinking (examining of pictures, reading children's small quatrains). Remember and about a molding from salty dough, finger-type paints, shuffle and oversleeping of grain or transfusion of liquids in different capacities - all this is very important for development of children of one year.

Food of children of one year not strongly differs from former (about one year) – fat, hot, fried dishes, mayonnaise, canned food and smoked products are still forbidden. Recipes for children of this age differ only in registration of dishes. The kid can already see in a plate a beautiful floret from tomato and with great pleasure eat it.

Decorate salads, porridges and soups, and will be encouraged with empty plates and happy children. Strongly ground food in a diet of one-year-old children already is practically not present. The food becomes more increasing similar on adult, and food of the child since one year gradually has to become independent.

By one and a half years children are capable to eat, let being a little soiled and spilling food. But you should not abuse them for it, it is an element of study and development. Do not deprive of children of such important school.