How to clean irritation a throat

How to clean irritation a throat

Feeling of burning, scratching and irritation in a throat the familiarly many. As a rule, this manifestation of the initial stage of the acute respiratory disease (ARD). It is possible to clean unpleasant feelings, using reliable tools of traditional medicine.

It is required to you

- guelder-rose flowers;
- flowers of a mountain ash red;
- raspberry leaves;
- buds of a birch;
- cowberry leaves;
- St. John's Wort grass;
- kalanchoe juice;
- aloe juice;
- bilberry fruits;
- sage medicinal;
- violet fragrant;
- apple;
- bulb;
- honey;
- alcohol (vodka);
- water.

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Prepare special infusion which will effectively and quickly reduce irritation in a throat. For this purpose guelder-rose flowers (1chaynuyu a spoon), flowers of a mountain ash red (1 teaspoon), raspberry leaves (1 teaspoon), buds of a birch (2 teaspoons), cowberry leaves (2 teaspoons), a St. John's Wort grass (2 teaspoons) fill in with 1 liter of abrupt boiled water. Close capacity a dense cover and leave to be drawn within 1-2 hours. Filter ready mix, using a gauze bandage. Poloskayte a throat infusion of 5-6 times a day. The next morning you feel visible improvement.

Mix juice of a kalanchoe or aloe with boiled water in equal proportions. Grease with this structure a back wall of a throat 3-4 times a day. This means considerably will reduce irritation in a throat.

For rinsing of a throat at irritation prepare broth on the basis of fruits to bilberry. For this purpose fill in dried fruits (5 tablespoons) with 2 glasses of water. Boil the received means within 20-25 minutes on slow fire. Ready broth caress a throat each 2-3 hours.

Prepare infusion, using a sage medicinal. For this purpose fill in the crushed plant leaves (4 teaspoons) with abrupt boiled water (2 glasses). Leave this means to be drawn within 30-40 minutes. Filter ready infusion and use for rinsing of a throat each 2-3 hours. Try within 20-30 minutes after use of means not to drink and is not.

The violet (fragrant) also effectively eliminates irritation in a throat, reducing inflammatory process. Prepare spirit tincture. For this purpose fill in 30 grams of flowers of a violet (grass collecting) with 1 glass of vodka. Cover means dense and leave for 4-5 hours. Use ready tincture inside on 1 teaspoon, 3 times a day.

Wash apple and a bulb and clear of a peel. Rub them on a small grater and well mix. Add to the received mix a little natural honey (1-2 tablespoons). Accept this means on 1 teaspoon, slowly rassasyvy it.