What means concept a pace an amble?

What means concept a pace an amble?
Horses have an unusual way of movement which is one of types of a natural pace and is called as an amble.

In nature the amble at horses meets very seldom, such horse consider "gifted" and call an ambler. But, if necessary, the horse can be trained in movement by an amble. At such type of movement the horse has a serial paired rearrangement of feet at first on the one hand, and then on the other hand.

On movement speed amble quicker than movement lynx, but more slowly than movement by gallop. Amblers are very convenient for movement on the equal district, especially if necessary to overcome long distances. During a gallop they differ in very smooth course and the rider jolting is almost not felt.

The born ambler is able to move for many hours without testing fatigue, thus he is capable to overcome within a day distance about hundred twenty kilometers.

But movement by an amble has also shortcomings. At an ambler business with maneuverability badly is, besides he easily stumbles and can fall. Thus amblers are incapable of transportation of big freights or use as draft force in a cart team.