How to rent a ground

How to rent a ground

It is possible to rent a ground at individuals or at the local municipality acting on behalf of the state, but anyway it is necessary to sign the lease contract. If the contract is signed for the term of more than 5 years, it is subject to registration in FUGRTs.

It is required to you

- passport;
- the statement in municipality;
- passport of the owner;
- certificate on property;
- lease contract;
- the statement in FUGRTs;
- receipt on payment of the state duty;
- cadastral extracts.

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To rent the land plot at the state, file a petition in local municipality. Show the passport. Can provide you a site in urgent or termless rent. It will be or the site chosen by you or provided by municipality.

If you want to receive a site on the place determined by you, authorized members of administration from department of land committee will check information on accessory of this site. If it belongs to nobody, you have the right to receive it in rent.

All sites provided in rent by local administration razmezhevyvatsya and put on the uniform account at the expense of the tenant. Therefore you need to address to Federal Management according to the uniform accounting of the earth with the statement and to call the technical employee for carrying out procedure of a land surveying on the basis of which you receive the cadastral passport and the plan.

With an extract from the cadastral passport and the copy of the cadastral plan address to administration and sign the lease contract. If you signed the contract more than for 5 years, address in FUGRTs with the original, a lease contract photocopy, an extract of the cadastral passport and the copy of the cadastral plan, write the application, pay the state tax. Your transaction of rent will be registered and will enter about it data in the unified state register.

If you want to rent the land plot at individuals, address to real estate agency or study announcements in mass media.

As soon as you find a suitable site, meet the owner, study the passport and the certificate on property. Sign the lease contract in duplicate with the indication of all conditions, the prices, the term of rent, time of payment, a condition of early cancellation. Sign the contract. One copy remains at you, another - at the owner of a site.