How to make the visa to Estonia

How to make the visa to Estonia

The republic Estonia joined the Schengen agreement in December, 2007 therefore process of obtaining the Estonian visa differs in nothing from procedure of registration of the visa in Finnish or the Belgian Embassy. Essential difference is only that the questionnaire needs to be filled in online.

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Visit the website, enter the e-mail address, choose language. Also enter the symbols represented by a row in a special field, so the system will check that your questionnaire is completed not with the robot. Fill in the application form in on-line mode. The notice of data acquisition and assignment will be directed to you on your mailbox of registration number. Print out the questionnaire in one copy. Put the signature in point 37.

Take the color picture on a light background. The size has to make 35 by 45 mm. Paste a photo in a special window on the questionnaire.

Get the medical insurance policy. Policies are accepted only in the unpacked look, filling of the form is not allowed. The minimum insured sum has to make not less than 30 00 euros (or 460 000 Estonian kroner), the territory action – all countries of the Schengen agreement.

Reserve hotel for the entire period of stay in Estonia. Attach the voucher of hotel to a package of documents. Remember that the reservation of a hotel reservation made through the site www is not accepted to consideration.

Get an avia or train tickets. If you go on the car, in receipt of a visa you need to provide for the petition in consular department the copy of the driver's license and technical data sheet of the car. Pay attention that from 01.08.2011 it is necessary to reserve time of crossing of border in electronic turn. This rule extends on traveling on an individual transport.

Prepare the documents testifying to a financial solvency. Receive in accounts department of the organization where you work, the certificate of a salary. Or make an extract from the bank account.

Make sure that your international passport will work at least three more months after the termination of a trip, and in it there are 2 blank pages.

Register in reception in consular department of phone 495-737-36-47. Tell to the consul your registration number, bring all documents with yourself. Pay a visa fee of 35 euros. In the presence of all necessary documents the consular department of Embassy of Estonia in Moscow provides the visa within 7-10 working days.