How to earn on polls

How to earn on polls

Existence of the Internet allows to earn, being absolutely in any place. Work options set. There is one way which can bring not really big, but stable income - sociological polls.

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Earnings on the Internet

If to type in the searcher the phrase "the paid polls", there will be many references. It would seem, choose any and answer in the pleasure. But be attentive: some firms transfer money for the completed questionnaires only into the account of phone or on condition of accumulation of some sum (300, 500, 1000 rubles).


Earnings in the sociological company

More money can be received if to participate in focus groups in the sociological or marketing companies. Usually one discussion of goods or service is occupied by a lot of time, but also payment corresponding (from 500 to 2000 rubles for an hour).

At a choice of the company in which focus group you will discuss something, learn about requirements which it imposes.

It can be restrictions on age (the woman of 35 years), a floor (only men), to education (only the highest), professions (only middle managers), to presence of children (only women with the child till two years). Such restrictions help researchers to create a kernel of target audience and to conduct research of the goods calculated on this target audience.

Many companies forbid to participate in polls if you already did it within the last six months. As a rule, this restriction can be bypassed very easily - managers of the sociological companies suggest to suppress the fact of participation in polls.