How to win in a tic-tac-toe

How to win in a tic-tac-toe

Tic-tac-toe – excellent game to pass away free minutes between lessons or at a sit-round gathering with friends. As well as in any other game, for a prize in it you should not take only chances. It is better to follow a certain strategy.

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Usually game is held in the field by the size 3 on 3 cages. In each cage participants of game serially put daggers and zeroes. That from them who will quicker collect a number of the figures which are put down down, horizontals or diagonals will win.

Doing the first course, for example, a dagger, put it in the central section. If the opponent enters the first zero from above, from below or on each side from the center, your chances of a victory repeatedly increase. For this purpose you only need to put the following dagger in any place, except opposite to the first zero. After that the rival should answer only your actions, and you without effort will get a deserved victory.

If the rival put the first zero in an angular cell, draw the second dagger in a corner, opposite to a zero. At such situation you will be able to win in case the following zero does not occupy one of the remained corners.

Having occupied with the first dagger not the central, but lateral cage, you still have chance to win. But not in that case when the opponent draws a zero in a midfield. Then you, at best, can play party in a draw. When zeroes occupy the next corner, try to build daggers along a field wall, distant from a zero. It will bring you an unconditional victory. In other cases you need to seek to win the center, then, depending on actions of the rival, it is possible to dream of a victory or equivalent result.

When to you bothers to play on a standard field, you can complicate game by means of increase in the sizes of a field. Make it, for example, 5 on 5 cages in size or 7 on 7. Act thus also according to the strategy described above, be attentive and try to count further possible actions of the rival and the options which are available for you.