Who the author of a dish under the name stuffed cabbage?

Who the author of a dish under the name stuffed cabbage?
Despite limit simplicity of production of a dish, the history of its emergence is quite confused. Moreover, the word "stuffed cabbage" had earlier other value is perfect.

For example, in Russia stuffed cabbage called a wooden cross which put on a grave or traditional Russian dancing.

At the beginning of the 18th century France, especially kitchen has huge impact on Russia. No, Russians did not start eating frogs, and here to a pigeons dish, roasted on fire by means of a lattice, belonged very not indifferently. Moreover, they started frying such pigeons. However, sometimes it was extremely difficult to catch a pigeon – here and thought up "blende" when in a cabbage leaf put mincemeat and fry.

It is enough analogs of our stuffed cabbage in the world. For example, in Turkey there is the dish – a sarma. At once also dolma – the grape leaves filled by forcemeat from meat and rice occurs. Traveling all over the world, stuffed cabbage almost did not change: instead of grape leaves took cabbage, instead of pork – chicken meat or mutton, instead of rice buckwheat i.t.d was used.

But who is he, the pioneer of stuffed cabbage? It is considered that after all they were thought up by Greeks. So, the phrase "Bring me cabbage leaves with pork!" occurs in Aristophanes's writing, and it is 425 BC.