How cheerfully to carry out on April 1 at work

How cheerfully to carry out on April 1 at work

In April Fools' Day even the most severe chief can show the actor's abilities, telling a joke or ridiculous story, and for certain with pleasure will take part in harmless draw.

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Be prepared for a holiday in advance. In the evening or early in the morning when colleagues did not come yet, arrange some "diversions". For example, trade footwear of several employees places or paste it to a floor on a bilateral adhesive tape. Try not to do much harm to someone else's property and do not play colleagues who inadequately react to jokes.

Rummage in computers of colleagues if you have an opportunity to include equipment without their participation. If is not present, address to the system administrator, convince him that you want to arrange cheerful draw, but are not engaged industrial in espionage. Use an automatic replacement option in the Word program. For example, the comma can be changed on "I want in marriage" or "I want in holiday", girls will be very surprised if they have to print service records to the administration. Besides it is possible to rename folders on a desktop or to put amusing wall-paper on the screen.

Dare to relax and at least one working day in a year to behave as you want, people around will apprehend it with understanding. Do not hesitate to talk loudly with the stapler or the printer, to call in delivery of pizza and to ask, whether they do square copies, to make a declaration of love to the client who tortured all. Generally, play the fool on full, but observe a measure that to offend nobody.

Prepare standard April Fools' tricks with threads, pieces of paper and we designate. Even if they not really ridiculous, they will help to adjust all employees on a playful harmony.

Remember jokes and ridiculous situations from life after you tell them, someone from colleagues for certain will continue a narration. Be not afraid to be ridiculous, safely say that it happened to you.

Suggest colleagues to all to descend structure on the good comedy in movie theater that cheerfully begun April Fools' Day well proceeded.