How to braid eggs beads

How to braid eggs beads

In an egg opleteniye beads use all technicians existing in beadwork: mosaic, dagger, various variations of plaits and cords, flowers and other. The choice depends only on design of the planned souvenir and the imagination of the master. The main task of the artist – to make the wrong form of egg the ally.

It is required to you

Wooden preparation egg;
Beads of different flowers and shades;
Thin wire.

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Put preparation vertically and measure distance from the top point to lower, increase by two.


Weave in equipment "dagger" a chain according to this length. Check, whether chain length coincides with egg "circle".


Connect edges of a chain that the ring turned out. Before connection check that the chain was not overwound. Hide the ends of a wire, put on a ring egg.


Measure a lateral circle of egg, divide into two.


Approximately in the middle of egg start spinning a chain "dagger" sideways from a vertical ring. Watch that the first ring was not deformed. Weave almost on a half of a circle of "waist" of egg and connect to symmetrically located edge of the first ring, check flatness of a design. Weave the second half, having braided egg in two rings. Connect the ends of chains, hide the ends of a wire.


From the lower bead of every second vertical dagger stretch to the lower center a wire with the strung biserina. The quantity biserin on all pieces of a wire has to coincide, thus all of them have to meet to the center as orange segments.


In equipment "dagger" or to "ndebela" connect a vertical ring and beads - "segments" that horizontal lines turned out. The lower, the these lines are shorter.


"Basket" turned out. To edges drag in petals in technology of mosaic weaving, bows, eyelets, branches and other decorative elements to the taste.