How to clean paraffin from fabric

How to clean paraffin from fabric

It would seem, the casual spot of paraffin on clothes can forever spoil a thing, but you should not be upset ahead of time. For removal of such spots there is a mass of ways.

It is required to you

Paper napkins
Gasoline for a lighter
Laundry detergent
Fabric softener
Wadded tampon
Sharp subject
Hot water

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Accurately remove a blunt knife surplus of wax from fabric. A fabric place where there is a spot, put between usual table napkins and start ironing the warm iron. In process of fusion wax will be absorbed. When on a napkin the spot is shown, change paper and continue to iron before full removal of traces of paraffin. After an ironing it is recommended to wash fabric with use of powder and fabric softener.


Remove excess wax with a sharp subject, iron fabric through a paper towel. Then apply on a site where there is a spot, a small amount of air or gasoline for lighters. Moisten with air or gasoline a wadded tampon and intensively blot a spot. After removal of a spot rinse fabric in warm water.


Effective method of removal of spots of this sort are low temperatures. For removal of paraffin place fabric in the freezer. Time of stay of fabric in the freezer depends on intensity of its work. As soon as fabric hardened and became covered with hoarfrost – procedure is ended. From the stood fabric remove the paraffin remains by means of a brush (for fine fabrics better to use a toothbrush with a soft bristle). Wash the processed fabric in warm water with powder addition.


For the fabrics which are not tending to shrinkage (for example, jeans), washing in hot water will approach. Pour water with the temperature from 50 to 60 degrees in a basin and dissolve in it usual laundry detergent. Wet a fabric site with a spot for 30 minutes. After that intensively wash and rinse fabric. This way is effective and when washing in the washing machine if it has the corresponding temperature condition.