How to have a rest outdoors with children

How to have a rest outdoors with children

Stuffy city apartments need to be left for rest in the fresh air. And if you have children, they also need to a thicket to happen outdoors. But if you are going to have a rest with children outdoors, it is necessary to pay attention to some moments and to think over, than you will be engaged.

It is required to you

- water,
- Panamanians,
- means from suntan,
- means from insects,
- first-aid kit,
- spare clothes for children,
- a set for game in banminton,
- jump rope,
- puzzles,
- toys.

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Plan rest in advance. First of all think that it is necessary to take with itself. If the child absolutely small, do not forget to put food in a bag. Also surely take for it a headdress and means from suntan to avoid a sunstroke and burns. Take spare clothes for the child, after all he can be soiled. Do not forget that go on nature mosquitoes and midges. Buy special means for scaring away of insects. You also need clear water, the first-aid kit on a case of injuries.

Organize your leisure. The outdoor recreation is most often shish kebabs and talk. But it can be made more various and interesting. For the small child as leisure take a shovel, favourite toys. For more adult take puzzles, a set for game in badminton, a jump rope. The most useful rest - active. Try to carry away the child game, take part also.

Teach the child to those games which you played in the childhood. For example, "Cowboys and Indians", "Streamlet", "Tag". Such games pass from father to son, bring many positive emotions. Collect a herbarium with the child, tell it, what plants and trees grow in the wood. After the house paste collected leaflets in an album or a notebook and sign.

Arrange a sit-round gathering at a fire in the evening. Children very much love fires, however before to kindle it, explain to the child as it is necessary to behave near fire. Fry sausages with bread, tell terrifying stories or simply share the impressions of the lived day. If you remain outdoors with spending the night, prepare a berth for the child and lay it a bit earlier - you should not change a day regimen.

Surely clean traces of the presence outdoors. Lead explanatory discussion with the child that it is impossible to leave garbage in the wood. Always remember that you are the main example for the children therefore bring up them not in words, and the acts. If the child sees that his parents know how correctly and cheerfully to have a rest outdoors, and he same will teach the children.