How to cook pearl-barley porridge

How to cook pearl-barley porridge
How to cook pearl-barley porridge

Unfortunately, presently forgot to cook pearl-barley porridge. And after all it was favourite porridge of Peter I! And it is not casual. After all pearl barley is protein-rich, proteins, it takes off fatigue, gives a cheerfulness charge. And at the correct preparation it is very tasty.

The preparation time of 27 minutes is required to you 1 glass of pearl barley 1 liter of water for soaking 2 liters of milk for cooking 1/2 tablespoons of granulated sugar 1/2 of a teaspoon of salt 2 tablespoons of butter 2 tablespoons of cream. The sponsor of placement P&G Articles on the subject "How to Cook Pearl-barley Porridge" How to prepare Christmas kutyyu How to prepare pearl barley tasty How to cook cream of wheat



That porridge from pearl barley turned out tasty, pearl barley needs to be wetted since evening in water. And a peephole, and according to strictly certain proportions. On one glass of pearl barley of 200 ml it is necessary to take one liter of water. Grain has to stand in water not less than 10-12 hours.

In the morning water needs to be merged, and to fill in pearl barley with milk. Milk has to be warmed up approximately to 40 degrees. A pan with warm milk and grain it is necessary postavit on fire and to start cooking porridge. It is not necessary to cover a pan.


It is necessary to wait until milk begins to boil. Then to boil the preparing porridge five-seven minutes. Then the pan should be removed from fire and to cover. After that the pan with porridge needs to be put in other pan, the bigger size in which to pour water. To put this big pan on fire. Thus, you will cook pearl-barley porridge not simply on fire, and on a water bath.

It is necessary in order that porridge did not burn, milk did not run away. Besides, it is not necessary to watch the porridge cooking on a water bath constantly. It is important, after all it has to cook 6 hours. In process of a vykipaniye it is necessary to add water to a big pan. In the middle of process of cooking it is necessary to add sugar and salt to porridge.


Your pearl-barley porridge will be ready when becomes rather dense and gets beautiful beige color with a pale-yellow shade. After that it should be removed from fire, to cover and allow to stand minutes 15. Then to shift in other ware, to add butter, to mix.