Why celebrate St. Valentine's Day

Why celebrate St. Valentine's Day

Now began very popular to celebrate St. Valentine's Day. Lovers traditionally give each other gifts and special cards in the form of heart – Valentine's Day cards. This holiday came to our country from the West and has the history of emergence.

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One of legends says that the Roman emperor Claudius II who lived in the III century of our era, issued the decree forbidding marriages. He considered that the family will distract legionaries from war. But a certain priest Valentin contrary to imperial will secretly crowned loving couples, for what was arrested and sentenced to death. The daughter of the jailer fell in love with Valentin and he too reciprocated the her feelings but as they could not seem, wrote each other letters. On February 14, in day of execution the priest sent to the darling the last note with the signature "From Valentin". From here also the name of cards – Valentine's Day cards went.

On other legend it is considered that the chief of prison learned about salutary abilities of Valentin and took to him the blind daughter Julia. In day of execution Valentin wrote to Julia a farewell love note and enclosed in it a yellow saffron. Having opened the letter, the girl began to see clearly.

One more version of a legend that St. Valentine's Day originates from pagan times from a holiday Luperkaly. In Ancient Rome settled Luperkaly in honor of the goddess of love Juno Februata and god patron of herds of the Faun (Luperk). Very young girls wrote love notes, them put in the general ballot box and men started pulling a lot. The lucky person who took out one of such notes had to look after that who wrote it. This holiday is a little similar on the date of Ivan Kupala who noted in Russia. During it young people put on wreaths the head, drove round dances, jumped through a fire, sang songs and got acquainted with each other closer.

St. Valentine's Day is a romantic and touching holiday for all loving couples. This day is chosen often for a wedding or wedding. It is considered that the marriage concluded on February 14 is under sensitive protection of Saint Valentin who will protect a family from quarrels and misunderstanding. Lovers openly express the tender feelings, give each other cards, flowers and gifts, postpone all affairs and cares to spend this evening with the soulmate.