How the Turkish visa is made out?

How the Turkish visa is made out?
Many inhabitants of the former Soviet Union developed the resorts of Turkey for a long time, others are only going to go on the vacation to so popular country, before them there is a question of registration of the Turkish visa …

As that visa which needs to be made out in Embassy of Turkey in advance, no, there are only visa brands which are paid and given at once on arrival in the Turkish airport.

For residents of the countries of Europe who are not included into the European Union, the cost of the visa makes 20 dollars, and, both for adults, and for children. Inhabitants of the European Union should pay for the Turkish visa brand 20 euros. Citizens of the USA were lucky even less, for them "admission" to Turkey costs 100 dollars.

The visa brand works within two months during which it is possible to leave and drive several times to the country. After the termination of the specified term, the foreigner has to get new visa brand, having paid for it the same price that paid for the first time.

Registration of visa brand requires the passport (its action should not be smaller, than three months after the end of action of visa brand) and the tourist voucher.