How to prolong his pleasure

How to prolong his pleasure

In many married couples often there is a problem in a premature ejaculation at the man that reduces possibility of receiving qualitative pleasure. Why so occurs and because of what, we will try to understand.

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Try to start conversation with the man. Perhaps, between you there is any problem, or he knows the reason. And it needs to restrain. So he will understand that the premature ejaculation of pleasure does not bring to you.


If more often to have sex, sexual intercourse will be more long. Try to be engaged this every day.


Perhaps, the man derives pleasure from any certain pose, on it and there is a premature orgasm. Replace a pose with that which suits both of you. Perhaps, quite so sexual intercourse will also last.


Try to be engaged in it the second time after the first ejaculation, only let's darling time have a rest.


If the woman accepts that pose when it main, for example "the woman from above", it is possible to control speed and, thereby, to prolong pleasure.


There are condoms prolonging sexual intercourse. Use various greasings.


Play with it. Try that your man was excited, and then give him time for rest. If long to repeat it, he will get used to control and will try from now on that there was no premature ejaculation.