How to bake potatoes in cheese sauce?

How to bake potatoes in cheese sauce?
What only ways and options of roasting of potatoes it is not thought up, and all the same there are new recipes. Mostly simple and fast in preparation, potatoes were and remain a favourite dish "on duty", and they, as it is known have to prepare quickly and from this that is in the refrigerator.

Necessary products

Potato kilogram
Some garlic gloves
Four tablespoons of vegetable oil
Nutmeg teaspoon
Thyme teaspoon
Salt and black ground pepper

For sauce

200 grams of ham
200 grams of cheese
One bulb
200 ml. sour creams


To cut potatoes thin circles. To put in a pan or in a plastic bag, to pour in oil, to put salt and spices, black pepper and it is good to stir up and overturn that potatoes all was covered with oil, spices. To lay out it in a deep form for roasting and to put in an oven on average fire. To bake to semi-readiness. Time depends on a potato grade, half an hour is most necessary. If potato got very firm and does not want to be baked in any way, it is possible to add in a form slightly waters.

So far potatoes are baked, to prepare sauce. Very small to cut onions. (Or sausage, sausages) to slice ham or cubes, to grate cheese on a small grater. To mix everything with sour cream, it is possible to add greens.

To get potatoes from an oven, to fill in with sauce and to bake about twenty more minutes. To strew a ready dish with greens or green onions and to give to a table hot.