How to receive sodium sulfide

How to receive sodium sulfide

Oxygen-free salt of white color is called as sulfide of sodium. This substance is hygroscopic, at fusion does not give decomposition products, is a reducer. It is possible to receive it industrial and laboratory in the ways.

It is required to you

- sodium sulfite - Na2SO3;
- test tubes;
- iron capacity;
- glass large bottle.

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Heat Na2SO3 – sodium sulfide - at a temperature 400-850os. Substances – Na2S sulfide and Na2SO4 sulfate will become result of calcinating. Insufficiently pure sulfide of sodium turned out, but Na sulfate, as a rule, does not disturb. If you need sodium sulfide for specific goals, you have to take such mix five times more, than sulfide in pure form.

Prepare sodium sulfide solution. For this purpose pour out ready solid sulfide of sodium in iron capacity. Before it rastolkit it. Pour in water in an iron jar gradually, stirring slowly with a wooden stick. Water temperature has to be 70-80os. Waters it is required at the rate of about 3 l on 1 kg of sulfide of sodium. Carefully stir the turned-out mix. That sulfide of sodium was completely dissolved, it is necessary to disturb 20-30 minutes.

Let's the turned-out solution cool down. Pour from iron capacity in glass and let's be defended within about 12 hours then you receive transparent liquid, but the deposit is at the bottom formed. Pour solution in a pure large bottle, but the deposit has to remain in the first ware and should not get to solution. Use for this purpose a siphon. Pour the settled sulfide of sodium in bottles for work by means of a siphon.