How to choose classical skis

How to choose classical skis

At selection of cross-country skis first of all it is necessary to be guided by estimated style of driving. If you resolved that will run "classics", with selection of skis and ammunition you will be helped by the following rules.

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Begin collecting a set of ski equipment with purchase of boots. More precisely, from selection of special socks in which you will ride. Try on boots with these socks, after all the ski footwear has to sit and be absolutely comfortable ideally. Boots for "classics" have to be rather soft and low, not complicating the movement of a foot ankles are higher. The sock of such boots has to be bent easily, forming a corner in 90 degrees. Having chosen boots, start selection of fastenings. Depending on the ski footwear is calculated on what system, choose fastenings of SNS or NNN.


Selecting skis and ski sticks, be guided by parameters of your growth and weight. Length of skis has to exceed your growth by 20-30 cm (in an ideal – on 25). However if your weight exceeds norm (growth minus 100), add some more centimeters to this length. The ends of skis have to be more oblong and pointed, than at the skis intended for skating stride. Sticks for "classics" have to reach armpits (unlike sticks for "fad" which have to be slightly higher than a shoulder). On average their length will be less than your growth by 30 centimeters. People with a big weight are recommended to choose more rigid and strong sticks.


Having picked up the optimum length of skis, pass to an assessment of their rigidity. The softest skis are intended for dry and soft snow, the most rigid – for driving in above-zero temperature. Also there is the third option – intermediate between the first two. Besides snow type, be guided also by the weight: the more you weigh, the more there has to be a rigidity of the skis chosen by you.


The holding ointment for processing of a block, and also tools for ointment grinding will be one more necessary ski attribute. In difference of skis for skating stride, skis for "classics" need continuous processing by this means.