How to put on in the winter at the guy

How to put on in the winter at the guy

Miniskirts in the spring, the easy sundresses in the summer fitting jeans in the fall – to force the guy to admire your appearance easily at all seasons of the year. However it is most difficult to do it in the winter, after all in frosty days there is a wish to think not so much of beauty, how many of heat. However and in the most bitter colds it is possible to look stylishly, striking the darling with the imagination and resourcefulness.

It is required to you

- winter coat;
- knitted dress;
- polo-neck;
- jacket;
- woolen stockings;
- footwear on a low heel;
- bright accessories.

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Combine dresses. You should not refuse completely in a cold season dresses and skirts. Of course, to put on a blouse or a dress with a short sleeve a little terribly, but try to put on a polo-neck under a knitted dress. From above throw with a jacket or a cardigan. Instead of easy kapron stockings put on the woolen. Especially well they will look with a warm sweater and a plush skirt. Choose things from those materials which keep heat better.

Try to avoid shapeless clothes. Baggy sweaters and wide trousers, perhaps, are more comfortable. But hardly you will be able to tempt the darling in such look. The things emphasizing a silhouette can also be quite warm.

Pay attention to color scale of the winter clothes. Look, what flowers in it most of all. If prevail black and gray, immediately correct this situation. In a cold season so there is a deficiency of bright flowers. On trees there is no foliage, the sun pleases not so often. Try to show at least the appearance that you are beautiful always and do not depend on weather conditions. Do not forget about sense of proportion. There is enough several bright accents in a dress.

Choose footwear not on too high heel that it was more convenient to go. But also do not switch completely to boots on a flat sole. Choose womanly models on a heel of average height. Take care and of outerwear. Choose for winter a bright coat or the white fitted down-padded coat with fur. The white outerwear always perfectly looks in the winter. Perhaps, it is not too practical, but your darling will look at you with delight – unless you achieve not it?

Admire the man, inspire him the appearance. Also do not forget that whatever jackets and stockings you put on in the winter, the main thing that under them there was a beautiful underwear. Buy some sets from cotton or natural silk – such fabric very well keeps heat. Be for the guy of the most beautiful and desired at all seasons of the year.