How to fix electrohair curlers

How to fix electrohair curlers

Today there is a set of means and adaptations for hair dressing. Electrohair curlers – quite convenient way of creation of a volume hairdress or ringlets, however it is impossible to use them often - it is possible to spoil hair.

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That your hair after laying by means of electrohair curlers looked naturally and long held a form, it is important correct to fix them. Shortly before laying connect hair curlers to the socket that they managed to heat up to the necessary temperature. Usually it borrows from 15 to 30 minutes. Most of producers equip the production with a bulb indicator which will help you to define, whether it is possible to use hair curlers, or it is necessary to wait still.

Wash up and completely dry up the head. It is impossible to wind electrohair curlers on crude hair. Then divide locks into four parts: a lobby (from the top to a bang), two lateral (all hair to a nape comb on a hair parting), and back which only those ringlets which are located lower than a level of ears enter.

On forward part wind the biggest hair curlers on diameter. The more their diameter, the lock, big on thickness, needs to be twisted. Use smaller hair curlers for lateral parts and a nape.

Divide hair into some parts not a parting in the middle, but a zigzag. So, after you remove hair curlers, the hairdress will not collapse on separate curls, and will look natural.

Take a ringlet, comb it and slightly sprysnit hairspray. After that wind it on hair curlers from a tip to roots. Fix hair curlers by means of special hairpins, clips or crabs who are included in the package. Crabs and clip-on earrings it is necessary to unclench and clasp simply, having fixed hair. The hairpin needs to be passed carefully through a lock, doing the movements up-down as though you sew. It is important to do it in the same direction in which you wound hair, that is to roots, so it will better keep and will not drop out. That on head skin did not remain a burn, enclose a wadded tampon under hair curlers.

Twist all hair on hair curlers, and from above put on a setochka for hair. Wait some minutes (for each type in the instruction different time is specified), and then let hair down. Slightly comb curls and record laying by a varnish.