How to cut off flowers

How to cut off flowers

Roses constantly need trimming. It is necessary for their normal growth. It is possible to cut off roses independently. For this purpose it is not necessary to have special knowledge and abilities. From that, trimming is how correctly executed, growth of a plant depends.

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Usually wild roses do not need trimming, except for cases when there are old and sick escapes. Wild roses need to keep their natural shape. At other types of roses all absolutely in a different way. For example, standard roses, have to draw to themselves attention, and bush roses - it is good to be combined with other plants. For care of these types of roses it is necessary to be engaged in their cutting constantly.


Main cutting

Carry out the main cutting to the spring period. It is best of all to do it in March or in April. It depends on weather, and also climatic conditions. Surely wait until all kidneys are dismissed. Then it will be possible to define, what escapes are healthy and what need at a distance.


Summer cutting

Usually in the summer of a rose on need trimming. An exception are only the curling roses blossoming once a year melkotsvetkovy. It is necessary to cut off them since August and prior to the beginning of September. Do it how the blossoming period ended. It is necessary to cut off them in order that replacement escapes were formed - they will start blossoming the next year. At those roses which repeatedly blossom, regularly delete deflowered flowers. Thus, you will provide their subsequent blossoming.


It is necessary to cut off 1 centimeter above a peephole. As a result the peephole will "look" outside, from the middle of a bush. In this case the formed escape will also be directed outside. Surely remove escapes which grow in a bush. Do a cut over a peephole obliquely. On it should not remain water which most often causes rotting. Delete closely growing escapes which form a branching. It is necessary to leave only one escape which looks outside. The matter is that at the growing branches quite poor development.