Trip to Madrid with children

Trip to Madrid with children
Everyone to whom has the luck to wander with children, knows that it is absolutely special type of travel for which it is necessary to prepare with big diligence and validity. All the matter is that interests of children lie in the plane located perpendicular to interests of adults, and the task of any conscious parent consists in that both the child not to offend, and not to refer the long-awaited rest on a sacrificial altar.
I want to tell about a trip to the country which is so hotly loved by most of the Russian compatriots. As many already guessed – it will be a question of Spain and its hospitable capital of Madrid.
Useful information about Spain and its capital the Visa. Spain is among member countries of the Schengen agreement therefore entrance on the territory of this country is possible in the presence at you in the passport of the Schengen visa. As at the time of planning of travel we had no valid visa, and the trip was assumed independent, and it was necessary to attend to a question of receipt of a visa independently. Personally for me was inspiring that fact that Spaniards are rather loyal to the Russian tourists in the questions concerning delivery of tourist visas.
The visa centers accepting documents for visas are in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Rostov-on-Don, Kazan, Nizhny Novgorod, Krasnoyarsk, Kaliningrad, Sochi, Irkutsk, Ufa, Khabarovsk and Vladivostok. I carried out submission of documents in the Moscow branch of the visa center located on Dubininskaya St., the house 35. Visa cost on one person makes 2283 rubles, where 1453 rubles – actually visa fee, 830 rubles – a price on processing of documents.
I will not tire readers Mirsovetov with details concerning the list of documents as all necessary information for receipt of a visa is on the site of the Spanish visa center: It is possible to look at additional information at various tourist forums.
I will stop only on several moments. Signing up in the visa center of Spain on submission of documents is not made. Reception is carried out on the first-come, first-served basis and, on own experience I can tell that it is better to plan the campaign in the visa center for early morning. On an entrance to the center it is necessary to get a number of electronic turn then safely to expect the call in a waiting room.
Do not forget to spread out documents on an order (the order of an arrangement of documents needs to be specified in the visa center). Otherwise you will be sent back for revision.
Be not too lazy to make copies of ALL pages of the international passport, even if the passport absolutely new. I did not begin to make the copy of empty sheets in the passport of the son – and was ruthlessly sent for photocopying. This annoying misunderstanding is interfaced to loss of precious time.
If the submission of documents passed successfully, to you appoint happy day of obtaining the passport. In Moscow the term of expectation of the visa makes no more than 5 working days.
Language. Without going into details of the description of local dialects I will remind that official language of Spain is considered Spanish. As for English, you without special work will be able to express in Shakespeare's language in hotels, large shops, banks and other official establishments. However, and simply on streets it is necessary to try to find the interlocutor speaking English in private little shops, small cafes. And, in my opinion, business here not in bias to language and culture of other people, and in historically current situation. It is closer and more clear to Spaniards languages of the next neighbors – French and Portuguese. The youth quite knows language of the international communication, and here the senior generation does not consider it necessary to study English. And, however, why to them it? Spaniards – quite self-sufficient nation. If someone from readers suddenly became sad, having read my sketches concerning language in Spain, I hurry to assure you that at desire with Spaniards it is possible to speak any language, including in a sign language. You will be understood surely and helped.
Currency. Today EURO (EURO) – the only monetary unit accepted for payment in the territory of Spain. Ruble euro it is more favorable to carry out currency exchange on the native earth. If you are the happy owner of a currency plastic card, it is all the same necessary to remember that you first of all the traveler, and to have a small change in pockets.
Weather. As we went to Madrid, I will tell about weather only in separately taken city. Any season in this surprising place – special. It is fine to get to Madrid in off-season.
In the spring Madrid is generously filled with sunshine, and in April there is a desire to take off the bothered winter dresses. Temperature sticks to 15-17 degrees about a mark in the early spring.
The Madrid fall – time of musical festivals and the international fairs. Solar autumn days please with the comfortable temperature of 18-20 degrees. They say that even at the end of November it is possible to walk in an easy jacket and sneakers.
And winter in this city simply magically. On each square it is possible to see fir-trees and street actors. Joyful vanity and an anticipation of a holiday are present everywhere. Winter temperatures seldom fall lower than 10 degrees. Snow drops out infrequently, but the penetrating winds are very characteristic for this period.
Now the most interesting season – summer. Summer, certainly, roast, even the very hot. The worst month for stay in this strange city – August. And we made this worst choice, we visited Madrid in August. I can confirm that at this time the city it becomes valid it is similar to the heated frying pan. Daytime temperature steadily stood on a mark of 40 degrees. Not casually Spaniards take vacations in August and with quiet soul leave to the sea. In burning summer days it is better to begin street excursion actions early in the morning, and to hide in hotels, the subway, shopping centers and the museums in the afternoon, is closer to conditioners. To evening of heat falls down and in the city stormy, interesting life renews.
Public transport. The excellent option for movement with children across Madrid is a subway. Personally the Madrid subway seemed to me very convenient and comfortable. There is no Moscow vanity and an agiotage. Purely, culturally, quietly.
In the Madrid subway of 11 lines, but they are crossed not around, as in Moscow, and on a square. It is necessary to open doors in the car at an entrance or an exit by means of the button or the lever. If you do not make it, that is probability not to leave in the right place, in due time. Fare in the city makes, on average, 1,5 euros from the person. It is possible to buy the ticket in cash desks of the subway, and it is possible to buy in the specialized machine guns close to turnstiles. The machine gun suggests to choose necessary stations, then to specify number of tickets and, at last, to throw coins according to the highlighted sum. It gives out delivery, but a trifle. The machine gun "digests" all money, since 10 cents so if someone should get rid of the bothered trifle – have it in view of.
The subway is opened from 6.00 till 1.30 (on holidays say that is closed later).
So the entrance on station of the Madrid subway looks:
Here view of the subway from within:
Across Madrid buses ply. There is a lot of routes. The cost of 1 trip makes 1 euro, and the ticket needs to be got when landing at the driver. The only problem at movement by bus, in my opinion – it is necessary to be guided not bad by districts and the nobility when to leave. It is possible to have a talk of course about it with "local" passengers, but without knowledge of Spanish your travel can turn into a lottery. English can not work.
Also do not forget about existence of tourist travel cards. They grant the right for unlimited number of trips for the subway, buses and local trains. So, for example, for a zone A (all Madrid) 1 day will cost 5,2 euro.
Hotels of Madrid
Madrid brings to your attention a huge number of hotels – from the most magnificent to modest, but budgetary. By the way, the prices of hotels in Madrid are one of the most expensive in Spain. It is better to approach search of hotel independently, proceeding from own requirements and the budget. Go to that place which was pleasant to you on responses and photos more.
As for our travel, selection of hotel was carried out through the known service. I can tell with confidence that the chosen Petit Palace Santa Barbara hotel is a successful combination of the price and quality. The hotel is located in two minutes of walking from Alonso Martinez metro station, within walking distance from known Gran Via (Gran Via) Avenue, near Vrata Square of the sun (La Puerta del Sol), and it is possible to reach the museum of Prado on foot minutes for 20-25. In the evening here it is rather quiet and silent, there are no shouts and noise of cars. Let's add stylish design of numbers and the friendly personnel here – and you receive almost ideal option for placement with children. The cost of family number (4 persons) in days made 107 euros (August, 2012). The breakfast can be paid separately for the price of 15 euros from the adult and 8 euros from the child. In my opinion, the price is slightly overstated a breakfast though the breakfast very much even is quite good. Give 2 types of omelets, cuttings of cheeses sausages, sausages, eggs, abundance of fruit, muesli, tea, coffee, good pastries. Will not remain hungry, but there are more budgetary options in numerous cafes on adjacent small streets.
Walks in sign places of the Spanish capital In the first day, since the morning we went on walk on wonderful streets of Madrid. Here what beauty met at us on the way.

And here, admire. It is a drainpipe on a house facade.
This lovely watchmaker stays at home on a balcony about Mayor Square.
Here we also reached, at last, Mayor (Plaza Mayor) Square. On the correct quadrangle there are two huge palaces framing the area from three parties. These are Houses of the Baker and the Butcher. In ancient times on this place proclaimed kings, made executions, canonized the sacred. Now this quite tusovochny, tourist place, and on Sundays settles down the market of philatelists and antiques here.

Further our way lies to Vrata Solntsa (La Puerta del Sol) Square.
On this square you will meet a symbol of Madrid – the well-known statue of the bear standing on hinder legs before a tree strawberry.
Why a bear moreover and before a tree strawberry? It is the question generating never-ending discussions. Anyway, the statue is good, so what difference. Attention! The statue is not in the center of the area, and a little sideways, near Rodilla cafe.
Some words about Rodilla cafe. Very pleasant town enjoying popularity not only at foreign tourists, but also Spaniards. Here it is possible to have breakfast or simply to have a bite, walking on the center. Prices quite humane and products always the fresh. On a choice various sandwiches with chicken, tomatoes and a mozzarella, with cheese, a tuna, the Spanish omelet (price of 1-2 euros) are offered. There is a freshly squeezed orange juice, coffee and fresh pastries (all positions within 1 euro). Keep in mind this place if you wishif you wish to have a bite quickly and cheap.
From Vrata Solntsa (La Puerta del Sol) Square we hold the way down the street Craved (Calle de Alcala). It is the main artery of Madrid, from time immemorial. Look, what buildings are located here.

Here National bank of Spain:
If there are forces, time and desire – surely walk down the street Fuenkarnal (Fuencarnal). Besides the lovely little shops representing mainly creations of the Spanish fashion-industry here actors very often act, music constantly plays. It is sure that walk will not be tiresome and you will open for yourself one more part of Madrid.
Here that we saw on Fuenkarnal Street:
Retiro Kogd's park sounds the question "Call Sign Sight of Madrid", the museum of Prado instantly occurs. Planning a trip to this amazing city with two children of 8th and 4th a joy, I quite gave myself the report that I will not be able to afford even a little bit of museum luxury. Therefore Retiro's park appeared the second point of cultural acquaintance to the Spanish capital (after the general fact-finding walk on the city).

It appeared absolutely surprising place where as personal practice showed, it is equally good to both children, and adults. Here it is surprisingly easily breathed. In park we found a reservoir of the impressive sizes on which with undisguised pleasure vacationers ply, coping dexterously or not really with the leased boats. We with children settled down at water and with interest observed fat slow carps and graceful ducks who unostentatiously begged at the coast.
Further from a pond we went on the known boulevard Argentina on both sides of which sculptures of all Spanish kings flaunt. Understanding nothing eras and names of monarchs, children, nevertheless, with big curiosity looked at the faces of "heroes of the past".
And in this park the wonderful toy young frog acted, amusing attendees with playing a piano. There were also other interesting opening and meetings, but attention!!! For any viewing, according to ethics, it is necessary to throw a coin into a hat of actors. Be ready also to that the "kind" aunty can approach your child and will hand the figure twisted from balls. The child, of course, will be delighted, but free cheese, as they say, happens only in a mousetrap. For such "gift" the gratitude in the form of 2 euros is expected. If you do not plan such purchase, it is better to stop at once similar gifts, in order to avoid children's tears when parting with a subject.
The general result from visit of park of Retiro – wonderful, remarkable, leaving the lightest memoirs. As competent travelers advise: "If you limited time for visit of Madrid, it is better to offer the museum of Prado in favor of walk on Retiro's park. Pictures will merge in a round dance of motley images, and visit of park will leave unforgettable impressions". By the way, we after all visited the museum of Prado, but relevance of this council really takes place to be.
The museum "Real-Madrid" About this cult place raved my eldest son. We decided to devote the second day of the visit to stadium of Santiago Bernabeu which here is 50 years "house" stadium of the well-known soccer team of Spain – "Real Madrid". On the account "Real of Madrid" of 9 cups of the Champions League and in 2000 FIFA called this team "the best soccer team of the XX century".
For walk on stadium it is necessary to buy the entrance ticket which cost makes 16 euros from the adult visitor and 11 euros – from the child. For the younger traveler who was 4 years, money was not taken. Having defended in "easy" turn of 5-7 minutes we solemnly entered on stadium. Further our way went, according to indexes, on the following items:
Legendary blue tribunes with an inscription of "Real Madrid":
Hall of trophies "Real of Madrid":

Judicial box – the most exclusive part of stadium:
Wardrobe, shower, massage:

After survey of the museum suggest to make your personal photo with one of team players (by means of a qualitative photoshop, certainly). Service paid, but you about it will not be told before shooting. You learn about it at an exit from the museum and if consider it necessary to take away a memorable photo, be so kind as, pay 11 euros.
After the museum there will be … a shop of sports goods with attributes "Real of Madrid".
Not to tell the price that very modest, but demand is huge and the turn in cash desk is formed rather big. If it is interesting, as an example: children's gloves of the goalkeeper sell at the price of 16 euros, t-shirts on the teenager – 70 euros, a sports bag of breed of "Adidas" – 44 euros.
In general, remained visit of stadium are very happy, especially the son enriched with goalkeeper gloves.
The royal palace After World War II the Royal Palace is open for visit for all comers, and, according to numerous travelers, the Palace of the Spanish king is one of the richest in Europe. For readers of Mirsovetov wishing to walk on royal rooms I report that the entrance fee makes 8 euros, and children till 5 years pass free of charge. Wednesday is declared in the afternoon of free visits.
Royal rooms practically did not interest my children therefore it was decided to take a walk in vicinities of the Royal palace with visit of gardens of Sabatini.
Here is how the palace outside looks:
Opposite to the palace there is operating Saint Amuldena's Cathedral. It is the only cathedral in Spain consecrated with the Pope.
Such characters meet in vicinities of the Royal Palace:
To the North from the Palace Sabatini's Gardens created in the thirties the XX century were stretched. The statues located on pond perimeter initially were created for dressing of a facade of the Royal Palace.

The museum of Prado Well here we also reached a final point of our three-day travel. I admit, there were doubts when I dragged the children in the museum of Prado.
Agree that in 4 years you will prefer walk in the square in exchange to contemplation of pictures, let and written by great masters. In eight years you already show slightly more consciousness and understand that mother needs to look at Goya, Velasquez, El Greco, Bosch and Raphael's creations.
The turn in the museum was practically absent. I do not know with what it was connected: either with the heat, or that many people comes to cash desks after 18.00 evenings when the entrance becomes free. For reference use: Monday – the day off, W-sb – about 18.00-20.00 free entrance, vs – 17.00-20.00 free entrance. In the rest of the time the entrance fee makes 12 euros. For children visit of the museum was free.
The exposition of the museum is really huge, after all not incidentally Prado is considered one of the richest museums of the world. I did not set to myself far-reaching tasks and was adjusted on receiving general impressions from pictures, from eras and masters. And still I had a dream to buy the guide to the museum in Russian. Very much I recommend to all. Such guide which contained in itself absolutely remarkable reproductions costs about 20 euro, but I assure you, it costs it.
As for children, for the four-year-old daughter this meeting with the fine was remembered only by visit of the souvenir shop where the candy cockerel for 1 euro was found. The senior a vosmiletka diligently peered the first fifteen minutes at pictures and images, then everything merged in one motley round dance, and the boy frankly started missing.
Council. If you have a two-three of days, come to Prado every day for an hour and find this time for one-two artists.
Useful trifles in a moneybox of parents Shopping with children. Children and shopping – concepts incompatible therefore all that managed to be looked-bought during this travel, settled down in known Spanish shopping centers to El Corta (El Corte Ingles). There are products, goods for the house, household appliances, clothes and footwear for all categories and age, cosmetics, sports goods. There are also specialized El Cortesi, for example, only books electronics or only house accessories, but the general concept of shop – after all its universality.
On the most top floor of such shop it is, as a rule, located cafe small restaurant where it is possible to have a bite, and in the same place, on the top floor the toilet room is placed. Food at such small restaurant of the average level, and here pastries very much even. It was necessary to motivate children with tasty rolls with cream to ensure half an hour of quiet shopping.
The prices of clothes and footwear, especially during sales, are much lower than the Moscow.
Food. To feed the child in Madrid – a task not from simple. For the adult parent the capital of Spain – the real gastronomic paradise, and here the little traveler, with his invincible flavoring conservatism, will hardly agree to eat various tapasa (snack) and meat, the real Spanish meat.
Constantly it was necessary to show ingenuity miracles. So, the eldest son was gradually accustomed to eat the Spanish omelet. By the way, this dish – absolutely delightful. He is trained with use of potatoes and in practice something turns out like potato pie, m-m-m. Here and there decent house soups, mainly vegetable come across. So if the child has tendency to vegetable food – you were lucky. If on a garnish potatoes are necessary – be sure, it will be French fries. At whom children are loyal to rice, the paella with chicken can come to the rescue.
From the drinks satisfying thirst – water or all known carbonated drinks: forfeit, stake, sprite.
Attention! Ordering the child from the main menu, do not lose vigilance, remember the sizes of the Spanish portions! They are rather great. If flavoring interests of two children coincide, it is quite possible to manage one dish.
One more possible problem – absence of the menu in English in authentic Spanish institutions like pothouses. Even if to you will carry, and the menu in English will appear available, at all not the fact that you receive that, on what counted. Spaniards without fanaticism treat English and the translation of ingredients of separate dishes is farthest from the original. On the other hand, whether it is remarkable? Remember how it was fascinating to play in the childhood a casket with a secret? Play so with the Spanish food.

Summing up the result of our joint trip, there is a wish to tell that Spain presented also to me, and children feeling of a holiday, beauty and harmony. Of such happy moments there is our life, our happiness. I wish to all travelers, both big, and small, to test pleasure from the bright countries and joint opening. And we? We dream of a meeting with Spain again.
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