How to increase generator power VAZ

How to increase generator power VAZ

To receive electric current in the engine, the generator is surely necessary. In motors of motorcycles, cars including VAZ, generators of alternating current are used.

It is required to you

- copper wire of the necessary diameter;
- technical gloves;
- passatizh;
- means for washing of ware;
- impregnating varnish.

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Components of the generator of alternating current are the stator and a rotor. The stator is the motionless part of the generator consisting of a collector and several windings. The collector is intended for removal of tension which arises on rotor windings, and also for its subsequent giving in a consumption chain. The rotor consisting of a certain quantity of magnets on which the winding made of a copper wire is reeled up is called as mobile part of the generator.

If to speak purely theoretically to increase power VAZ, you should make replacement of a winding of a rotor, thus using the drive of bigger section, and also increasing podmagnichivaniye current.

In practice first of all it is necessary to draw the scheme of winding of rotor coils then to unwind them. For this purpose take a copper wire of necessary diameter, technical gloves, passatizh and stock up with a patience shred.

Remember, the wire which you unwind, was specially impregnated with a varnish. Therefore surely wash and degrease rotor coils. For this purpose resort to use of in advance prepared usual house means for washing of ware.

Take the prepared copper wire, then it is very accurate, without hurrying, reel up its round to a round on coils. Do not forget to write down quantity of rounds. When winding is ended, smooth out the ends in wires and check them by means of a tester for "short circuit".

Now it is necessary to insulate carefully all exits then to solder them to contacts. Impregnate with a special varnish everything a winding, then dry. Solder wires for connection.